Third Year

News Release-I wrote a news release for my Public Relations Writing class. This was to inform RIT students & faculty about Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of reddit, coming to RIT.

Public Relations Blog Post-This blog post was for my Public Relations Writing class about my mom’s experience at RIT.

Audio Story-I wrote and recorded an audio story about the Tiger Tank competition that would be featured on the Simone Center for Innovation. This was to entice students to come and watch the competition.

Feature Story– This feature story discussed my passion for cheerleading and how I got started.

Fundraising Letter– This fundraising letter was to encourage more donations for the Mercy Cheerleading program.

Op-Ed– I wrote this op-ed for my Public Relations Writing class to change the opinions of people in the Rochester area of why cheerleaders should not cheer at games.

Newsletter– This newsletter was for my Public Relations Writing class to tell RIT students what is going on at RIT.

Roc City Buzz Blog– I wrote this blog for my Social Media Marketing class on Blogger, where we had to pick a topic and write about it twice a week and maintain a Facebook page.

Buzzfeed Article– For my Social Media Marketing class, we had to write a Halloween themed Buzzfeed article. We had to promote it to see how hard it was to get a post to go viral.


Second Year

Section V Cheerleading Website– I made a WordPress website in Building a Web Business class for Section V Cheerleading.

Internet Marketing Plan-We wrote an internet marketing plan for Second Chance Inc., a nonprofit in Baltimore, Maryland selling antiques and refurbished goods.

Inbound Marketing Wiki Page– I had to write a wiki page about an internet marketing topic in Internet Marketing class.

IMC Facebook Challenge-We had to write a marketing plan for Facebook Custom Audiences in Advertising & Promotion Management class. The plan was about marketing Custom Audiences to large B2C businesses. Link to the video I helped create for the project.

Buyer Behavior Journal-I wrote a journal (about twice a week) in Buyer Behavior class on articles we read and things we saw in life. (warning-very large file)


First Year

NINSA Final Business Paper– During the first semester, we came up with an idea and then during the second semester, we wrote the plan. I worked with two other teammates and we presented it at the end of the semester.

Situation Analysis- Alex & Ani– I wrote a marketing plan with three other business partners for Alex & Ani in my Principles of Marketing class.

Psychology Research Paper- Psychology of Marketing– I wrote a final paper about the way marketers use psychology to influence how we purchase goods and services.

Writing Research Paper-I wrote a paper on how television and advertising negatively affect children for my freshmen writing class.


HS Business Paper

Jill & Joey Baskets– Over the course of the semester, I wrote a 30 page business paper with two other teammates. We presented it at the New York State DECA Competition in March 2014 and we won first place in our event, Entrepreneurship Written.